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Who we are

Levak Kenya is a consultancy firm that develops innovative social and economic responses, with a special focus on social and economic empowerment, health, behaviour change and communication, agriculture and technological innovations. We seek to strengthen public, private, non governmental and community based responses to social and economic issues. Since its establishment in 2011, Levak Kenya (formerly trading as HRCG), has partnered with various international and local NGOs, public and private health institutions as well as associate consultants, to provide expertise in research; programme design; implementation and evaluation; and training and organizational development for organizations in Eastern Africa. It was formally registered as a limited liability company in 2015 in order to serve its clients better and expand its mandate in line with a new strategic plan developed and adopted by its partners.

Our Vision

To be a leading service provider of quality research based interventions in developing undeserved countries.

Our Mission

To initiate projects and programmes, train individuals and organizations, and facilitate knowledge transfer and partnerships in order to achieve international development with reach to community grassroots.

Value Proposition: At LEVAK, we believe in being part of a global partnership to address some of the challenges facing the developing world. Watch and learn some of the issues we deal with:

What we do

  • We offer broad based knowledge in social and economic issues,
  • We undertake research geared towards social and economic development,
  • We develop policies and proposals for diverse social and economic development fields,
  • We offer strategic plans development and general planning useful for organizational development, and
  • We plan and coordinate workshops, meetings, conferences and campaigns.


Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Documentation

We have over 15 years’ experience in research and documentation and conducting studies geared at generating policy - relevant cutting edge research in youth empowerment, health workers retention, injection safety, persons with disabilities and transmission of HIV and AIDS for use by the Ministry of Health Kenya, development agencies, united nations agencies and the Kenya Prisons Service.

We have engaged in proposal development by working with community based organizations to develop project proposals, strategic plans and resource mobilization strategies. Conducting surveys, literature and record reviews, and intervention studies in addition to facilitating and moderating focus group discussions, key informant interviews, and other individual interviews has been a key aspect of our work in addition to report writing, research analysis and dissemination of research findings.

Organizational Development and Institutional Strengthening

We believe that for organizations to be successful in effecting change, they first need to have good internal governance and management systems. This ensures that organizations are well run and therefore able to maximize their potential and reduce wastage in terms of resources, both material and human. Levak Kenya helps organizations build strong institutions by providing support in policy development and strategic planning. We also work with organizations to develop a resource mobilization strategy, including drafting proposals.

Programme Design and Development

As part of institutional capacity development, we provide expertise and support in organisational needs assessment including training needs assessment, proposal writing and project and programme monitoring and evaluation.

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